Opening Reception
August 2 and 3rd at 4pm

Closing Reception
August 31 4pm

Please join us at The Artists Loft Andersonville Galleria, August 2nd at 4pm for the opening reception of “While the City Sleeps” An exhibit by Urban Landscape Photographer, David Kogan.

Specializing in advertising and location photography, David has worked for many of the major advertising agencies and corporations. He has photographed people from various professions, from bank presidents to chicken farmers, from heart surgeons to pizza chefs and from authors like Isaac Bashevis Singer and Studs Terkel to working men and women.

He now spends his time photographing what fascinates him most, the empty urban landscape. He has spent years chronicling early morning in every part of Chicago and wherever his travels take him.

If you are out very early on a winter Sunday Morning along Chicago’s lakefront and see someone hunched over a camera, dressed for Arctic weather, that is probably him.

So please come by on Friday, August 2nd to meet David, have some wine and cheese and see a collection of his latest work, including photographs of Chicago and from a recent trip to Marseilles and Nice, France.



David began taking photographs at the age of 10 and never stopped. The empty urban landscape inspires his photography and chances are, you will find him somewhere searching for what the early morning might reveal on any given day.

Just before sunrise on Sunday mornings, Chicago is quiet, deserted, and peaceful. In the minutes before sunrise the light is unique. The sounds are different. While the city sleeps, its stark, sometimes gritty beauty is revealed. Even better, before the city wakes you have it all to yourself.

David has spent most of his life just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, so it is no surprise that it has become one of his primary subjects. In the early morning, before the sun breaks the horizon over the lake, the view is breathtaking. Every morning brings a different view. 30 minutes later, it’s all over.

David shoots with multiple, long exposures and uses post-processing to expand the dynamic range of light. His hope is that his work will make you see your day in a new light.