Stacking It Up

Stacking It Up

Handmade Bracelets & Jewelry

Fashion, art, and design have always been areas of interest for Erin. For many years, she had a fashion-themed blog, just for fun, with over 20k followers. She shuttered her blog, once her professional career took off, and she settled into life as a wife and mother. Fast forward to 2020 with the global pandemic, and more time spent at home than ever before. Erin was looking for a creative outlet where she could channel her energy and time between work, childcare, and everyday life. She started designing bracelets for friends and family, and her quarantine hobby evolved into a budding small business. Over a year and thousands of bracelets later, Erin is very excited at the possibility of being featured in your shop.


All of Erin’s bracelets are handmade, and therefore every piece is unique. She uses primarily African vinyl heishi beads paired with 24k gold plated beads from India. Erin’s designs are perfect for mixing, matching, and stacking. She also uses turquoise, semi-precious stones, sea glass, and bone beads. Her acrylic bangles are a more recent addition to her collection, and they have quickly become a customer favorite.


Erin lives in Oak Park with her husband, 5 year-old son, and 3 year-old daughter.