Roger Moy/R Moy Art, Inc.

Paintings, painted furniture, painted electric guitars, unusual frames

Roger Moy MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1975

My first eighteen years were spent in beach towns in Southern California. I was an everyday surfer who was completely enthralled by the Lowrider culture. Their love of shape, depth of color, and obvious love for their work, coupled with my love of the Pacific, continues to influence my palette and textures. Other influences run from Leonardo Da Vinci to Earl Scheib.

My work nearly always involves airbrush or larger format spraying, but I’ll employ any tools or materials to achieve what I’m looking for. In the past five years I’ve also played with digital images, combining parts of my paintings, digital renderings, and images “lifted” from the internet. (it’s a great time killer while waiting for real paint to dry.)

I have always had a selfish motivation for my work; I need to see what I imagine looks like!

Whatever you may think my work means or represents…
you are correct.

Thank you,
R. Moy