29 Revolutions Studio

29 Revolutions Studio

Handmade, slow-made, well-made jewelry & home goods

Tiana Washington is an artist, maker, and owner of 29 Revolutions Studio in Chicago, IL. Though her daytime profession is currently in non-profit work, she has both a background in and an immense passion for art in many of its forms.

Her inspirations come from the people, places, and things that keep her heart full. Many of her creations  are nature-themed and are named after the fearless women who empower her. She is her best self when exploring and enjoying nature and gravitates towards mountainous landscapes and large bodies of water for their awe-inspiring beauty.

Tiana strives to create pieces that are inclusive to all and invokes confidence for the wearer. Her mediums of choice is primarily resin, but also includes and is not limited to: polymer clay, metal clay, gemstones, pearls, beads, and watercolor paint.

When she is not creating or traveling, Tiana enjoys dedicating time to give back to her community. She volunteers for various local non-profit organizations that support nature preservation, art accessibility, female empowerment, LGBTQ+ communities, and black and brown communities. Each month, 10% of sales are donated to organizations that support these causes.