Fiber and Pixel

Fiber and Pixel

Handwoven hugs for your home and hardware

All my “hugs” are unique.  If they look alike, look twice. 

     Some of my weavings are expressions of colors I see in NATURE. I like to pay attention to the Seasons I experience: Winter, spring, summer and fall.  I look closely at flowers, trees, birds, animals, waterscapes, and skyscapes, landscapes-like an oak savannah or Central Park. 

     Some of my weavings are a unique design I call, PIXEL.   Like pixels of a digital image, only my colorways are expressing moods. An example: sensible optimism with a tweak of excitement! 


     I’ve been a hand weaver since 1990.  I’ve woven mostly used plastic shopping bags on floor looms.  While living in NYC on 6th St. & Ave. B, in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan, I’ve discovered the convenience of a POT HOLDER loom – small, lightweight and travel friendly. 


100% Made in USA