Chicago Candle Factory

Chicago Candle Factory

High quality, handmade soy wax candles in upcycled bottles

Chicago Candle Factory began as a sustainable art project in a kitchen, and we’re proud to say we’ve remained one through our first stages of growth. The driving principle of this business is sustainability. Our candles are made in bottles we’ve salvaged from Chicago’s bars and restaurants and upcycled into functional art pieces that fill the home with pleasing aromas, warming light, and a little local flavor.
Using salvaged bottles allows us to actively reduce waste while maintaining an artistic commitment to craftsmanship, creativity—and a bit of the unexpected. We collect bottles from everywhere; Fountainhead and Delilahs have over 1500 bottles behind their bars combined. Compass Bar, L n L, Honky Tonk BBQ, The Map Room, World of Beer and so many others also provide tons of craft beers and all the other good stuff this city of ours loves to drink… Malort!?! Whatever, we got em. The random supply keeps it exciting. You pick the size and scent, and we’ll make you a candle.
The sizes are pretty simple.
Small is a beer bottle. These burn over 40 hours.
Medium is anything bigger than a beer bottle. Mostly wine and Craft Beer Bombers. These burn over 75 hours.
Large is anything the burns over 100 hours. These are the liquor bottles.
Sideways are the sideways… they burn over 75 hours.

312-CANDLES (yes, I got that number, leave a message or send a text)