Art & Advocacy

Art & Advocacy

Watercolors for the World, 20% of every item is donating to a specific non-profit parter

Art & Advocacy was founded in late 2017 by artist and designer Brittany Dunlap. The idea was to create more purpose behind art, bring more awareness to causes from all over the world and promote advocacy. We aim to give back to communities that are constantly thriving to make a difference.

Here’s how it works. 

Every three months a new collection of designs that correlate with a non-profit partnership and their current projects are created. After the launch of the art and designs, each partnered non-profit receives 20% of the proceeds from every single sale in that collection, forever.


Brittany Dunlap Bouyer is a watercolor artist and registered yoga teacher that is dedicating her life to connecting, sharing, creating and advocating. She is based in Chicago, Illinois and works out of her home studio and co-working space at the Hubbard Street Lofts.

Tea, chocolate, traveling with her fiancĂ© and taking naps with her pup are the things that keep spinning her creative wheel’s! You can always learn more about her here.