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Our Mission

The Andersonville Galleria provides artists the opportunity to gain exposure to our strong customer base without the high cost and long term commitment typically associated with opening a retail store.

Vendor Commitment

Lease terms are as little as month-to-month commitment, with one month’s security deposit to secure the space. Vendors simply stock and merchandise their space, and the knowledgeable Galleria staff will take it from there!


Our low commission of 18% compensates our professional staff to manage sales transactions and helps generate promotional material for the Galleria

Monthly Rent

Rent is decided based on where space is and how much space you need.
The range of rent is $120 – $600 / Mo.

Not comfortable paying rent? Commission-only spaces are available. Please Contact Us for details.

New Vendor Application

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Please be as detailed as possible and if you have an online presence, please let us know.

Vendor Testimonials

“The main marketing goal of any working artist is to put their work in front of as many eyes as possible. Not every piece of art is for everyone so the Galleria has afforded me the opportunity to do just that. Having the flexibility to showcase new work as well as the work I am known for has been satisfying to me as an artist. The Galleria has been a venue for that for many years now. In addition to putting your work constantly in front of new viewers, keeping it fresh is what keeps customers interested and what helps an artist grow- it helps to have a hands-on owner who appreciates that.”

Steve Slaske

Malia Designs has been a grateful vendor at the Andersonville Galleria for almost a decade. It has been an incredible opportunity to reach a diverse audience to not only sell our handbags, but to educate the public on Fair Trade and our social mission to fight Human Trafficking. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and very helpful. We are honored to be a part of the Galleria and appreciative of the continued opportunity to be a part of such creative and innovative group of vendors!

Malia Designs

I have been with Anderson Galleria for the past eight years. In that time, both my business and art form has dramatically benefited from being a part of the AG family. Not only has it given me a retail space to be a home base for my customers, but it has been a hive-mind of creativity in terms of connecting me with other artists also in the midst of launching their own businesses.
Jhenai Mootz

When I joined the Andersonville Galleria, I already had an established business and brand but not great exposure in the neighborhood. The Galleria has given me an opportunity to present myself to the public in my own way, and to gain new customers from around the world. The Andersonville Galleria has helped me reach new retail and wholesale customers in the 10 years I have been involved.
Deana Rose

I have been a vendor at the Andersonville Galleria since 2010. Not only have I made great connections with other artists, I have also built a solid customer base by having a consistent home base for my brand. The Galleria has been a great place for me to test new product and get real customer feedback.
Julie Kramer

The staff has been the most helpful with me and my business, just giving tips about the different shopping seasons and what I can do to hopefully increase sales.


Brain Bulb

The galleria has helped our business grow by giving us the opportunity to reach customers more efficiently.

VZuniga Designs

When I first joined the Andersonville Galleria, I had been working a corporate job for about 17 years. I had started my photography business online, part time, a year before and was able to build a successful business, but the Galleria allowed me to take it to a new level. I was able to create a local presence, year round, not just at seasonal art festivals, and was able to do so without the overhead I would have had to put out had I gone in to it on my own. The following year, I was able to leave the corporate world behind and my presence, and success, at the Andersonville Galleria played a big role in that. The additional bonus was that I was surrounded by peers who helped me grow as an artist through idea sharing, sparking new challenges and forming collaborations.
Tracey Capone

Andersonville Galleria has provided me with an amazing opportunity to sell and promote my business side by side with hundreds of other talented artists. My business has grown over the last 7 years that I have worked with Galleria and would definitely recommend it to any artist or indie maker.
Kevin Lucius

I have enjoyed every minute of working with the Andersonville Galleria. Since I’ve started showcasing my work, I’ve been able to increase my yearly income by 15%. Andrew and Elliot are always ready with an update on sales and what’s been moving best this month. I’m honored to be involved with such a supportive, creative community.
Lindsay Craig