The Bearded Guy Designs

The Bearded Guy Designs

Because We All Need to Laugh

The bearded guy designs is the brain child of Mitchell Koonce. A 49 year old gay man (with my two dogs, Peanut and Turkey) living in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. After years of creating mainstream graphics for middle america, i was a graphic designer in retail print advertising, I decided to create a line of t-shirts different than what I could find in most stores. Constantly being told I was too out of the box, or too aggressive in my ideas I decided that there may be a niche for fun, silly, sexually orientated designs intended for people who were not afraid of being or expressing their sexual practices on a simple t-shirt. It all started after being laid-off from my last corporate job. Because of the economic down-turn of the Bush years, work was difficult to find. With the help and support of friends I took the leap to start the bearded guy designs. Launched in July of 2009, the bearded guy designs has become a retail destination for gay men, open minded straight people and lovers of fun t-shirts…who just so happen to like funny, silly, sometimes a little offensive sayings and logos.

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