Dave Esparza Breman

Dave Esparza Breman

Printed Curiosities

Like many of us who worked in the service industry before the pandemic and found ourselves without a job, I decided to start a little business of my own! My husband and I bought our first Creality 3D printer and I learned how to use it and bam, I was hooked on designing and creating all kinds of different 3D printed items.I decided to start an Etsy shop in October 2020, I figured I’d sell a couple items to some friends and family, well I picked the right time of year to start, I ended up doing over 300 sales from October until end of December, it was insane! We are definitely going to be prepared for the holiday this year, we now have 3 printers that are constantly printing! This year I decided to branch out into the community, I’m so excited to share my 3D printed items with everyone 🙂 I specialize in jewelry such as keychains, ornaments and earrings, and custom work!